Killer Queen Black Dev Team Reveals Roadmap For Future Support

Prior to launch, the teams behind the much anticipated multiplayer gem, Killer Queen Black, had teased plans for post-launch support that would include things like the ability to group up with friends cross-platform. Tonight, on their official social channels and community Discord server they revealed their plans for the rest of 2019 up until the middle of 2020.

Here’s what to expect in the near future:


As a fan of Killer Queen Black, I’m excited for all of the future support adding varied ways to play, balancing, and more reasons to come back on a daily and weekly basis. What’s important to point out is that many of these changes and additions come directly from feedback that the community gives to the studios, Liquid Bit and Bumblebear. When developers take the time to stay in touch with their supporters and player base it usually results in meaningful content updates that ensure the people who inhabit the community stick around.

Some of my favorite additions coming are cross-platform party support, new maps, and new cosmetics. Since the game has supported cross-play since launch, it’ll be great to finally be able to group up with friends and teammates who are on different platforms. New maps are always a welcome addition in any competitive game, allowing for more variation in matchmaking and the potential for discovering what tactics work best as well as learning the nuances of new arenas. Lastly, I enjoy when games I play online have unlockable cosmetics that don’t alter your gameplay at all but instead just allow you to look fresh as you zip around and ride snails.

Hopefully, the Killer Queen Black community will find tons to love from these incoming updates and continue to grow while enjoying the passion that the developers are pouring into this arcade cult classic turned console game. I surely will.

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