Indie Spotlight: Red Hot Ricochet

Indie Spotlight is an ongoing series of pieces on indie developers and indie games– sometimes reviews, sometimes interviews, always focused on indies.

In my never-ending quest to play as many indie games as possible, I was recently turned on to a fast-paced multiplayer shooting game with an interesting angle– literally. Red Hot Ricochet which released this month on the Nintendo Switch and Steam, asks players to use their trigger fingers– and geometry– to angle shots off of the randomly generated boulders placed on each map to outsmart and outshoot their opponents. With the option for up to four players to square off in solo duels, or to squad up and compete in team duels for up to six players at a time– there’s longevity lingering within this competitive couch top-down shooter.

After my first match of playing against some friends in Red Hot Ricochet I knew, given the ease of entry as well as the high ceiling for mastery, that this could easily work itself into a rotation of local couch gaming. The inclusion of a few different power-ups, one of which allowed me to safeguard myself from shoddy shooting with a shield, allows for some deeper strategy to boil especially in team duels. The maps being randomly generated allow for a constant flux in gameplay flow as well as adjusting your shots to stay sharp and avoid shooting yourself as I did– many times.

On top of all of this, Red Hot Ricochet‘s minimalistic art design coupled with atmospheric tunes, will transcend your experience from simply enjoying clever game mechanics done right to a nuanced delight that will keep you at ease when the tensions are high on the battlefield. Though, I feel the artistic choices are not too intrusive or obtuse to players, so the solid game mechanics that build the bones of this game will not be stripped away from players just looking for a fun multiplayer experience.

Red Hot Ricochet is on my list of ideal games that showcase the majesty of popping off your Joy-Con’s and throwing your Switch into tabletop mode to play a few rounds. Though, the game also excels when docked and you’re elbow to elbow with your enemy. I’m looking forward to the next time I can duke it out with my friends locally.

Red Hot Ricochet can be found on the Nintendo Switch and on Steam. You can stay in touch with the developer, Wyatt, here and the musician, Seth, here.

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