Street Fighter 30th Collection Adds More Modes

Fighting game fans rejoice! Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is getting some much needed additions that were initially omitted from the highly anticipated compilation.  The collection will be receiving a day one patch that will be adding training mode as well as local versus mode when the game launches on May 29th.


All twelve titles included in the collection will be receiving the local versus mode while training mode will only be added to the titles playable online. The titles that will be playable online are:

  • Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
  • Street Fighter 2: Turbo
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

The inclusion of training mode may not be too big of a deal to veterans, but newcomers now have the ability to master combos and learn certain characters they probably didn’t have the chance to at arcades. Each iteration of Street Fighter tends to add a new core mechanic that changes the way the game plays on a competitive level.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection | Capcom

Street Fighter 2: Hyper/Turbo could be considered the “old school” street fighter but don’t sleep! These two changed the way we all fight competitively and changed the landscape of the fighting game genre forever! The sped up options and cancels in these two versions of Street Fighter 2 allow you to really beat down your opponent in flashy ways. No button mashing here.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 introduced the “-ism” styles. After choosing a character, there are three different styles to choose from: X-ism, A-ism, V-ism. Each have their weaknesses and strengths. Alpha counters were also introduced which are special attacks made while blocking an incoming attack and performing a special button input.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike notably brought us parrying– a defense mechanic that gives a slight frame advantage to the defender and leaves the opponent open for a counterattack. If you want to see a great example of this being executed– look up EVO moment #37 and check out how it’s really done!  Newcomers get the chance to practice this mechanic in training mode! And hey, you never know you may be the next beast!

I’m really hyped that this collection is getting properly beefed up! So many different titles! So many different styles of Street Fighter! Get ready to fight on May 29th when Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection hits all platforms!

For all things Capcom and Street Fighter be sure to keep it locked on Pass The Controller– for a more in depth discussion on all things gaming be sure to check out our weekly podcast available on your favorite podcast platform!

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