Thanos Invades Fortnite In Epic Marvel Crossover Event

Fortnite is receiving an Avengers: Infinity War themed event where players will have the chance to wield the Infinity Gauntlet. First tweeted out by the official Fortnite account this morning, followed by the exclusive info drop from Entertainment Weekly detailing the limited time event.

According to EW, players will be duking it out in the normal 100 player battle royale scenario, except in this mode there is an Infinity Gauntlet on the map each time. Players who find the gauntlet will be transformed into the Mad Titan himself and be able to harness the power of the six infinity stones. As for what powers this will actually grant the player are still unclear.

The event, which is set to start tomorrow May 8th, will surely have fans flooding the servers of the free-to-play shooter hoping to wreak the same havoc that Thanos did on the Avengers.

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