Where Will You Allocate Your Time With These Major Timed Events In October?

I said this months ago– as a day one Overwatch player who hasn’t skipped a beat since the game launched last year– that soon enough games with timed events like Splatoon 2 and Destiny 2 would make it much harder to figure out where to spend my grind. Fast forward to today where I finally have to start making some decisions. When this week all three of these games have their own respective reason for playing them outside of just wanting to play them.


Dr. Jamison Junkenstein returns bringing back the PvE mode and unlockables from last year, as well new cosmetics for some of your favorite heroes. You and three friends can work together to fend off Junkenstein and his cronies from destroying the castle door, or compete in all other modes working towards unlocking special Halloween loot boxes.

The event will run from October 10 until November 1st.


Whether you’re in for the grind or not, Lord Saladin returns, bringing the Iron Banner with him to the Tower. Hungry guardians can compete in the Crucible on select maps playing the control game-type. Just like in the original Destiny, playing in the Iron Banner will allow you to unlock specific armor sets and weapons only found within the engrams you decode from Lord Saladin.

The event will begin on Tuesday October 10 and run until Tuesday October 17 going away with the normal weekly reset.


The line gets drawn again, as Marina and Pearl ask Inkling’s to decide whether or not Vampires or Werewolves are the superior team. This holiday themed event will function as all other Splatfests before them, awarding you super snails to mod your weapons and gear depending on which side wins and how high you get your personal rank in the event. As with the last two Splatoon 2 Splatfests, the stage Shifty Station will return with a different layout.

The event will begin on October 13 at 9:00 PM PT/ 12:00 AM ET and run for 24 hours straight.

The Overwatch event lasting the longest makes that an easier one to dive into, but Iron Banner only lasting a week and the Splatfest only being for a day means the grind for supremacy brings much more haste. Good luck out there heroes/guardians/inklings.

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