Nindies Showcase Adds More Depth To The Switch Library

Now that PAX West 2017 — formerly PAX Prime— has come and gone, we can dig into the Nindies Showcase that Nintendo dropped on us on the eve of PAX West. Nintendo has been utilizing Directs for the past few years to put a focus and spotlight on games and relevant Nintendo news about upcoming products to serve as a gateway directly to their fans, and they took PAX West as an opportunity to show that their Switch library is bursting with new indie releases the rest of  this year and well into 2018.

Starting from the top, these are the games that the Nindie Showcase highlighted this past week:

Super Meatboy Forever

Meatboy makes his return and his first appearance on a Nintendo platform, in the sequel to the perilous platformer.

Shovel Knight King of Cards

The final chapter in the Shovel Knight saga comes in the form of a prequel. Find out how King Knight comes to power in this retro-stylized action platformer.

Mom Hid My Game

Get creative in order to solve puzzles and find where you mom has placed your beloved games, as the title suggest.

Golf Story

Reminiscent of RPGs of the 16-bit era, fused with golf mechanics– this is one to keep an eye on.

Floor Kids

A rhythm based action game featuring a hand drawn aesthetic bolstered by original music from Kid Koala dances it’s way onto the Switch.


A co-op brawler letting you and a friend hack-and-slash your way through hordes of hand drawn enemies.

Poly Bridge

Physics based bridge building puzzler.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

Including the debut of the final chapter in this episodic adventure, explore the mysterious underbelly of Kentucky as a shop owner looking to make his last delivery.

Earth Atlantis

This side-scrolling action shoot-em-up brings beautifully animated black and white graphics to the ocean floor as you blast your way through with multiple ships and an upgrade system.

Next Up Hero

Fantasy driven, action RPG with a special online element where when one of your friends die, they can be resurrected in your game to fight alongside you in your quest.

SteamWorld Dig 2

The upcoming sequel to the indie cult hit, traverse caves, upgrade your character, and discover secrets as you search for Rusty.


Adventure through this ultra-stylized world as a warrior bestowed with powers from the gods.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Solve puzzles in this puzzle adventure.

Dragon Marked for Death

Embark on a quest solo or with a group of three local or online in this side-scrolling RPG.

Battle Chef Brigade

In this mash-up of two genres, adventure through a combo-based action game in order to retrieve items to cook with in a match three puzzler. Each character has their own unique traits and story.

Morphies Law

In this competitive 4v4 shooter, the object of the game is to increase the size of your team’s avatar but in order to do that you must steal the mass of your opponents. Depending on where you shoot your enemies, that part of the player will shrink and yours will grow making the more skilled players easier to hit and the weaker ones harder to kill.

Sausage Sports Club

This eight player competitive party game brings silly antics and floppy animal characters to multiple game modes and arenas.

Light Fingers

One to four players can battle it out in this turn-based multiplayer board game with procedurally generated boards ensuring an always fresh challenge.

Nine Parchments

Set in the world of Trine, this four player cooperative adventure has you choosing your wizard, learning spells, and leveling up your character locally or online.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

In this sequel to the No More Heroes series, we see Travis returning in what we are sure will be another outlandish action packed adventure. Not much was revealed outside of a cinematic trailer besides the fact that Devolver Digital’s Hotline Miami makes a cameo.

That wraps up the game’s shown during the presentation, be on the look out for these indie titles to be rolling onto the Nintendo eShop all year long and early 2018.

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