This year at PAX East, we dedicated a hefty slab of time to specifically indulge in the indie titles that dominate an enormous portion of the show-floor. In the midst of the madness, we had a chance meeting with Mike from Filthy Casual and after chatting with him about his clothing brand — more on that later — he urged us to check out his other booth for Egonaut Games.

Mike was such a genuine guy, you could feel his passion through how he spoke, so we didn’t hesitate and shuffled our way down to their booth, Attila the Bun and all. Upon making our way to the front of the booth, through the overflowing crowd of fans eager to peek at the game under the neon-pink-and-blue sign, we were greeted by the words S#!T ON YOUR FRIENDS. We were intrigued.

S.O.Y.F.’s PAX East 2017 booth

Darshelle guided us through the object of the game as well as the controls and continued to watch me shit on complete strangers — one of those strangers being KazooieGirl —  while answering some questions. (As for who won, why don’t you ask her yourself on Twitter).

Egonaut Games/ SOYF

SOYF is a couch co-op crap-fest. Literally. Up to four friends can choose to control little animals or other cute creatures with the objective in mind of flinging feces at your friends. The controls are simple. Use the left stick to move, one button to jump, and one button to toss turds. Though, you can delve deeper into formulating game-plans by charging up your shot in order to snipe or control the spacing of your opponents. Strategizing is also a factor when bouncing shots off of walls in order to outsmart your opponent. As for now, the game is strictly going to be couch co-op with online play possibly coming later.

Hyper Potions @ the Sonic 25 Party

The soundtrack to the game is being produced by the electronic dynamic duo Hyper Potions. Two best friends who you may recognize if you saw this trailer. Their sound dances between being nostalgic and feeling fresh at the same time. Also, as if our ears weren’t already in bliss, the game’s sound effects in relation to the poop noises, sound like they kept microphones in my pants after a trip to Howling Wolf Taqueria

My experience playing SOYF was delightful, a perfect game for you and a few friends to sling insults while you’re serving up fresh chunks of the brown stuff. The game can appeal to casual gamers with it’s simplistic control style, but there’s enough depth with the charge and bounce shots to satisfy a group of hungry hardcore players. I’m looking forward to dropping deuces on the rest of the Pass The Controller team. Though some gamers might be agitated with the lack of online play, the feeling of being able to nudge elbows and dish out verbal jabs can’t be replicated on virtual couches.

S#!T ON YOUR FRIENDS is slated for a June/July release on Steam, with a console release planned for sometime in the future. Stay locked in to learn all the latest about this upcoming indie gem, and follow the Egonaut Games official Twitter page for updates straight from the source.

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