Netflix’s Death Note Teaser, Thoughts

When I was in High School, Mike, Dom, and myself would frequent the Square One Mall. Honestly, too much. One of the places we would typically shop was a small little bookstore — do those still exist? — that had a decent manga section. I was no stranger to manga, but most of my experience up until that point was through anime and not graphic novels. So it was in this time period that I was in search of the perfect manga for me, Death Note was that manga.

One of the few series that I have read in it’s entirety — not that it’s long. I fell in love with the story, the characters were fleshed out and believable, the plot — though fantastical — was grounded with deeper tones. As a reader, you are constantly evaluating the perception of righteousness coupled with the concept of the protagonist playing god. If you are familiar with Showtime’s Dexter, this series touches on similar themes. Though, the ending is much better in the former.

With my endearment for the series, I was reluctant to be excited about another adaptation of the beloved manga since I wasn’t a fan of any of the others. The anime was okay, I guess. Although, the teaser released today does give me some buoyancy that it could be an enjoyable rendition of Ryuk and Light Yagami evading L — who’s probably sitting in a chair somewhere. That dye job on Light though, eh.

The trailer doesn’t show too much, but the little bit that peaks through seems to be setting the correct tone for what should be a dark, introspective film. I really need to see more of that Shinigami! Below is the trailer released today, let us know what you think.

On a side note, Netflix seems to be crushing it lately with their exclusives from Marvel shows to stand-up specials, heck they even have a bunch of exclusive Adam Sandler movies. I mean, have you seen The Cobbler?

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