Our Favorite Games From The IOX Digital Direct Showcase

Today, our friends at IndieObscura dropped their IOX Digital Direct Showcase that highlighted 21 indie games across multiple genres and platforms. A welcome treat for those of us who are looking for some indie goodness to indulge in while quarantined, the IOX Showcase featured a slew of amazing indie games from around the world. Here are some of our favorites from the presentation.

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 5.10.06 PM.png

She Dreams Elsewhere

One of my most anticipated games of this year, finally got to get some hands on time with She Dreams Elsewhere at PAX East 2020 and I can’t stop thinking about the Undertale meets Persona 5 vibes this JRPG is filling me with. Impressive visuals, outstanding audio, and a gameplay loop that promises depth and variety– definitely a game that should be on everyone’s radar when it launches later this year. For my full thoughts you can check out my PAX East preview for She Dreams Elsewhere right here.


Garden Story

We first got our hands on Picogram’s Garden Story earlier this year at PAX East and were immediately gripped by the lovable grape, Concord. With a charming cast of lovable characters, these pixelated produce and other friends will accompany you on an adventure RPG with social sim elements as you attempt to save your village from rotting. An art-style the can be perfectly described as cozy, Garden Story seems like the perfect type of adventure for these tumultuous times in real life. We can’t wait to see the full story sprout later this year.


Revenant’s Reach

Armed with a crescent hook that serves as not only a weapon but a tool for traversal, you’ll fight and swing your way through perilous depths, while platforming to dangerous heights in this action platforming RPG– Revenant’s Reach. Aside from it’s modern twist on the pixelated aesthetic of the classics, the real hook here for me is that the combat borrows from 2D fighters and that’s a mechanics system that I want to dig into. Impressive art direction and unique movement and combat have taken a game I wasn’t aware of to a game I need immediately. Looking forward to more on Revenant’s Reach.

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 5.31.41 PM

A Space For The Unbound

Arguably one of the best art styles I’ve seen this year, A Space For The Unbound is a slice of life adventure game set in 90s Indonesia. So much detail and vibrancy in each set piece throughout the gameplay trailer, I was floored with how much life was injected into every aspect of the environment. A stunning narrative adventure with a mind diving twist due to the supernatural elements at play, A Space For The Unbound promises to deal with some heavy topics while decompressing the relationship between a boy and a girl. I’m looking forward to uncovering the mysteries at hand later this year.



An interesting take on an adventure RPG filled with romance as a main mechanic, Haven looks to deliver a satisfying solo or co-op experience for lovers both on and off the screen. Escaping to an undiscovered planet, you play as Yu and Kay trying to survive and thrive as you gather resources, engage in turn-based combat, and glide around an inviting and stylized alien world. The neon blue streams that pour out from your feet as you embark across this planet immediately caught my gaze and filled me with an eagerness to want to explore this world. With a soundtrack and style that ooze from all aspects of gameplay and traversal, Haven looks like a must play experience for those willing to delve into the lives of those bound together by love and those on the road of survival.

These are just a handful of some of the games we can’t wait to get our hands on. For a full list of all of the games shown off during the IOX Digital Direct Showcase take a look below.

All of the games revealed:

  • Aeolis Tournament – early 2020 (Switch, Steam)
  • Foregone – available now in early access (Epic Games Store)
  • Röki – 2020 (Switch, Steam)
  • Maneater – May 22, 2020 (Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)
  • Revenant’s Reach – 2021
  • Coffee Talk – available now (Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam)
  • Chivalry 2 – 2020 (PC)
  • Liberated – 2020 (Switch, Steam)
  • She Dreams Elsewhere – 2020 (Xbox One, Steam)
  • Later Daters – April 16, 2020 (Switch, Steam)
  • Haven – 2020 (Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam)
  • Garden Story – 2020 (Steam)
  • Infini – available now on (Steam), 2020 (Switch)
  • Half Past Fate – available now (Switch, Steam)
  • Sneaky Ninja – Summer 2020 (Switch, Steam)
  • A Space For The Unbound – 2020 (Steam)
  • STATIONflow – available now (Steam)
  • When The Past Was Around – 2020 (Steam)
  • Mystic Pillars – available now (Steam)
  • Necronator: Dead Wrong – available now (Steam)
  • Sons of Ra – July 2020 (PC, Xbox One)

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