The NES Classic Edition Returns This Summer

Nintendo had already stated that they would be restocking the NES Classic Edition at some point in 2018 in order to rectify the inventory issues that fans faced back when the console initially dropped in November of 2016. When the NES Classic Edition first released, many fans were unable to find the retro gaming system with stores receiving low stock and scalpers presumably buying up as many units as they could. This led to a few more restocks but ultimately left many fans burned in the process.

But fans who have been waiting patiently are in luck– Nintendo tweeted out tonight that the console would be finally seeing the previously announced restock this summer on June 29th!

I do think Nintendo will produce a fair amount of these units seeing with how they have handled the SNES Classic Edition. I have walked into Targets and Best Buys and seen the SNES Classic Edition available to purchase, so I hope some people will have that same good fortune with the NES Classic Edition restock. Nintendo didn’t offer up any other additional info other than it is expected to be available throughout the end of the year. Though, I would still search with urgency when the console drops if you’re interested in avoiding eBay.

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