Our First True Look At Tom Hardy As Venom

Today in Las Vegas, Sony unveiled the first full trailer for Venom, the next movie in their Spider-Man cinematic universe– separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is our second look at the film after Sony teased the film in February.

In the initial teaser, fans were in an uproar because we didn’t see Tom Hardy in the symbiotic suit, but now the tongue slobbering menace has been unleashed. Our initial reaction to this trailer has us excited to see the antihero onscreen.

It’s still unclear if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will show up in the film in any capacity, but conflicting reports have made us think there’s still a chance the web-slinger may swing his way onto the screen. The only thing for sure, is that we’ll find out on October 5th, when Venom hits theaters.

Watch the trailer below.

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