Undertale Won’t Be Console (Or Handheld) Exclusive to Sony Anymore

When it was first announced thatĀ Undertale was going to be appearing on another platform besides Steam I was overjoyed. I was hoping for this game to some day grace my Xbox One– I love me some achievements– or even better, my Switch– gaming wherever I want. When it was revealed at E3 2017 to be coming to PS4 and Vita I for sure thought that was going to stay an exclusive indie title– at least for this generation.

Fast forward to today’s Nintendo Direct, and of the many surprises Nintendo dealt out– Sans and Papyrus dishing out some comedic banter over a blacked out screen not only made my heart melt, but completely surprised me. Though, all the announcement offered us was that the game would be arriving on the hybrid console “eventually.” I hope we see someĀ Undertale amiibo come out of this!

So until then, either download this indie gem on Steam, PS4, or Vita– or wait for this critically acclaimed RPG to pop up on the Nintendo Switch eShop.


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