Animal Crossing Switch On The Way?

With Nintendo dropping both a mini Direct and the Labo announcement this month, you’d think they’d be holding off on any more reveals for a few more weeks, but the Big N just submitted some interesting paperwork that is rousing a swell of hope in their fanbase. Nintendo, obviously not trying to announce anything just yet, filed for a new Animal Crossing patent that is lending to rumors that it’s Switch debut may be on the horizon. Multiple reports have come in, and the website Japanese Nintendo has posted a translation of the patent that was filed.

Though this patent could potentially lead to nothing other than Nintendo refreshing their Animal Crossing patent, there’s some interesting details highlighted in the paperwork. Mentions of a console/portable game as well as game machine controllers would hint towards not only a new Animal Crossing headed towards the hybrid console, but potentially some themed Joy-Cons.

Regardless of what this could mean, let’s all hope that it’s Nintendo gearing up to announce a new Animal Crossing for release sometime in 2018 and not just some legality or addition to their mobile efforts. Until then, download Stardew Valley on your Switch, bust out your 3DS copy of New Leaf, or play the bite sized Pocket Camp on your mobile phone.

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