Meet The Nintendo Labo

Today Nintendo unveiled their latest peripheral for the Nintendo Switch– and it looks insane. Geared towards kids, the Labo is an interactive cardboard add-on that allows you to create wild contraptions and utilize them in games.

The Labo will consist of you inserting your Switch and Joy-Cons into different cardboard cutouts that you will assemble. The launch trailer showed everything from a piano, to a mech-like backpack, and a fishing rod. Nintendo is always willing to try new approaches to engaging players, and this could be their next big thing.

From the trailer, I can see potential here for Nintendo and other developers to use this in intuitive and entertaining ways. I’m sure in the coming months we will learn more about Nintendo’s new creation. Until then, look for the Nintendo Labo to launch on April 20th, in two packs: The Variety Kit and the Robot Kit.


Below you will find the official reveal trailer.




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