RUMOR: Special Amiibo On The Way

As with all rumors, this is to be taken for what it is– a rumor. The reason we are deciding to elaborate is because it’s something that seems plausible with what the rumor is and the sources connected to it.

If you follow amiibo at all, you’ve seen the two gold editions for Mario and Mega Man. Since then, we haven’t seen another variant of the same build. Sure you have Famicom R.O.B. and the alternate costumes for the final three¬†Smash amiibo, as well as the alternate Squid and Inkling colors for¬†Splatoon, but we haven’t seen another “special” amiibo variant. That all could quite possibly change.

Sources report that a third gold amiibo variant is on the way for a beloved character. While they were unable to reveal the character, the sources say they are very confident that this leak is true. Only time will tell if this pans out. All I know is my wallet can’t keep taking on the burden of more special amiibo, nor can my patience with trying to pre-order them before they go out of stock.

If more relative news to this amiibo gets revealed we will be sure to update.

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