The Issue With Today’s Splatfest

I’ll make sure to keep this short and sweet so you can go back to inking for squid supremacy in Splatoon 2, but I needed to vent about one of the most frustrating things about today’s splatfest. I’ve been looking forward to Splatoon 2‘s first official splatfest since the launch of the game a few weeks ago, but the game’s multiplayer matchmaking makes me want to dive squid first into the opposing team’s ink.

One of the things that the team here at Pass The Controller did for this splatfest was make sure we were all aligned on Team Ketchup so we could splat together. Nintendo has other plans for us though, instead of functioning like any other competitive multiplayer game in this generation of gaming, Nintendo is making it nearly impossible for us to play together.

There’s an option for us to create a room and play together on the same team, but unfortunately we can only actually play if we have a full squad of four Inklings. The fact that we cannot play with two or three of us and let the game’s matchmaking find us other Team Ketchup Inklings to team up with is beyond my understanding. Could you imagine if you couldn’t play a match of Overwatch without having a full squad of six? The player base would be half of what it is now.

If you listen to the podcast or know me in real life you’ll know that as much as I try and keep my biases out of how I report or form opinions on things related to gaming, I am a huge Nintendo stan, but I can’t defend this. I’d be the biggest, blinded fan-boy if I turned my head or stood my ground. I can’t even begin to form a reason as to why Nintendo would choose to do this.

Splatoon 2 is a fantastic, but flawed game, but these online blunders that Nintendo is dealing with need to be sorted out soon or else I see Splatoon 2 losing a mainstream audience. The game is stupid fun so it will always have it’s core audience and die-hard fans, but with nonsensical hoops players have to jump through to party up and communicate it is literally breaking this game for me, and like I said, I love Nintendo.

This is that tough love moment for the two of us. I’m sorry Nintendo but you need to fix this. You’re doing so well in every other way. You have a console that wont stay in stock, you have high profile games being released every month, and third-parties are crawling back to you. This internet thing? You have got to fix it. No more excuses.

Now let me go back to spamming Twitter looking for more #TeamKetchup players to exchange friends codes with. Yeah, friend codes in 2017. People can open their phone and swipe to the right to bone someone, yet I have to hunt down players on an external service to exchange a twelve number code with them and hope we can play a video game together.

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