McFarlane To Helm Spawn’s Return

With the backing of Blumhouse Productions, Todd McFarlane will be bringing Spawn to the silver screen for another trip into hell. McFarlane is describing this R-rated foray into the world of Spawn as a “dark, edgy, and supernatural” portrayal with practical effects playing a more prominent role over CGI. McFarlane seemed to be throwing some shade at what both Marvel and DC are doing with their super hero movies, stating that their reliance on spectacle takes away from any relatable qualities the movies could possess.

The movie doesn’t have any sort of release date nor cast, but McFarlane would like to start shooting by January 2018. He has some actors and actresses in mind but didn’t disclose any of his considerations. We’re excited to learn more about this upcoming Spawn movie, and with Blumhouse’s recent success with Get Out, I’m sure they are hoping to reap some of the benefits with the popularity of super hero movies and leave their mark on the genre.

Hopefully, McFarlane stays true to his commitment to wanting to use as much practical effects as possible, since when used properly even in a fantastical movie, it really does lend a feeling of normalcy and physicality that the viewer can grasp onto. It’s my favorite parts of any Star Wars movie, when puppeteers and real locations are used in lieu of computer generated nonsense and green screens.

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